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Ladies Fitness

Boxing related fitness classes are taking Britain by storm! They have become very popular with ladies who wish to increase their level of fitness, muscle tone and to assist with weight loss. If you want REAL fitness and faster weight loss, then give women’s boxing classes a go! Kick start your fitness from as little as £10 per session.

We teach ladies of all abilities and fitness levels and will tailor the sessions to meet your individual needs. All training can be adapted to suit your personal goals and aspirations. You can train alone on a one-to-one basis or with a small group of friends if preferred. Our training methods are well suited to ladies wanting to initiate a fitness programme but lack motivation or the knowledge to maximise the benefits of those all important workout sessions.

If at the end of your first session you are not completely satisfied you will not be charged.

Please note, unless you want to be involved with sparring or fight training, there is no physical contact so there is no need to worry about being hit!

We use a combination of different approaches to elevate the level of your fitness and you can expect the sessions to include a number of the following components:-

  • Skipping - improves your strength, balance and aids weight management
  • Exercises - push ups, sit ups, squats, jumps etc
  • Weights - light free weights help to tone your muscles making you leaner and stronger
  • Running - various running activities are excellent for weight loss

We can vary activities within sessions as much or as little as you would like according to your preferences and capabilities.

If you’re interested in taking part or would like some more information please call us on the telephone numbers at the top of the page or alternatively send us an email.

Become inspired, become motivated and become fit!


I have been training with Ross Phillips for the last six months. I was amazed at the results after just six weeks. I had lost over five and a half stones ten years ago and have kept it off. Since training with Ross, my body shape has changed and I feel fitter than ever! The training is extremely precise and is specifically for the individual. It has also improved my mind as I’m able to get out all my aggression and frustration while punching the pads. I would highly recommend Ross as he has changed my life and given the opportunity could change yours too!
Lisa Hopton (Slimming World Consultant)